Mission Statement

Sisterhood Softball League is a unique initiative that creates a dynamic, supportive environment for Muslim women to enhance both athletic and personal development through team sport and the spirit of sisterhood.



Promoting the best interest of Muslim Women in the Greater Toronto Area to Live, Play and Connect. To foster, develop and encourage an interest in sports and recreation, in particular, softball with in the Muslim Women community to:

·         Endorse a healthy and active lifestyle

·         Foster Goodwill and the spirit of true sportsmanship/sisterhood

·         Develop self-discipline, responsibility and leadership

·         Provide a non-judgmental environment which empowers Muslim women to excel in their personal development

·         Organize softball games, tournaments and social events to facilitate an enjoyable platform for players where they can develop strong relationships within the community

·         Provide appropriate training and tools so that every player will want to return, year over year