The league was formed in 2016 by two friends who were passionate for the love for the game.  One day, sitting on the sidelines, watching their husbands play in an all men's Muslim softball league, both ladies devised a plan to open up this platform for the Muslim women community as well. It seemed like a tall order to build a league among a community where women traditionally didn’t participate in sports, but both Maryam and Hina were determined to take on the challenge. One day, a conversation on the bleachers became an idea, then a vision which evolved into breaking the glass ceiling and organizing the first ever Muslim women’s softball league in North America. 

During the first season, at an abandoned field, every Sunday morning, a handful of dedicated women would show up and learn how to play the game. From batting stance to running bases, learning to catch, throw and all those softball rules! On some mornings there weren’t enough players to make a team, and friends would be called up to play, just so the game could go on! In season 2, SSL opened doors with their universal purple and white jerseys and enough women to make two teams for a pick up game, and offer rotational positions for drop in players. Season 3 saw the start of a brand new era, with a new board of directors, and the possibilities were endless. It’s been unstoppable since then!